Our talented team of experienced engineers and manufacturing professionals sets Nysus Solutions apart.

Steve Sass
Co-Owner / Vice President
Kevin Wickenheiser
Co-Owner / Vice-President
Michael Karpinski
Director of Manufacturing Systems
Bob Coldren
Director of Automation
David Von Sacken
Director of Engineering

Tony Noviski
Director of Project Management
Kristin Martin

Steve Daviduk
Director of Software Development
Zac Wise
Project Manager

Chad Montgomery
Project Manager
Tom Norris
Software Engineer

John Harkness
Mechanical Designer

Jared Geiner
Customer Support Specialist

Aaron Flanner
Project Manager
Mary Figueredo
Documentation Specialist

Sergio Gill
Software Engineer
Christine Kawsky
Business Development Engineer

Aaron Zettel
Automation Engineer
Bradey Harris
Project Manager
Steffany Sass
Philanthropy Coordinator

James Knoblauch
Software Engineer

Ryan Sakowski
Project Manager

Jennifer Rose
Office Administrator

Jeff Johnson
Project Manager

Joshua Hoffman
Project Manager