Hoang Nhat Duy Le – Software Development Engineer

Year you began at Nysus: 2022 as a co-op student, 2023 full-time.

College: The University of Toledo, Computer Science and Engineering/Data Science

Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

About Le: My home country is Vietnam, which is halfway around the globe. When we (me and my twin brother) came here, everything was so much different. I appreciated the process we took to adapt to the culture and education, which exposed me to the cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices prevalent. For my time here with Nysus Solutions, as a software engineer, I am involved in developing solutions, collaborating with cross-functional teams, and contributing to the company’s mission.

Favorite Sports Team: Any football team that Lionel Messi is playing for.

Favorite Food: Any food that was made by my mom. She is awesome.

Why do you enjoy working at Nysus Solutions? Most of my time being here is from my co-op experience with Nysus Solutions. I greatly appreciate the manner in which Nysus Solutions treats its interns, with respect and a friendly demeanor. The welcoming and professional working environment empowers me to bring out the best in myself. Additionally, the incredible support from the people here is truly remarkable. I am happy to become a full-time employee since I can feel the connection from my co-ops with Nysus Solutions.

Talk about a positive experience you’ve had with the Nysus Solutions team. I really appreciate the time and effort Nysus Solutions takes to evaluate their co-ops in order to help them improve in the future. James, Heysam and Daffy really made the meeting feel less informal and I always feel comfortable coming to any of them to ask about things I want to know. It feels amazing here and everyone treats each other with respect.

Chris Harmon – Purchasing Administrator

Year you began at Nysus: 2023

Hometown: Bowling Green, Ohio

About Chris: I have been married to my wife Tammy for 41 wonderful years. We enjoy going to beaches and being with our six grandchildren. We have three daughters. We also have three grand-dogs.

Favorite Sports Team: The Ohio State Buckeyes

Favorite Food: Mexican Food

Why do you enjoy working at Nysus Solutions? Nysus has a real family feeling. Everyone is willing to help at any time. I feel very welcome and a part of the team.

Talk about a positive experience you’ve had with the Nysus Solutions team. I really like seeing the technology being built here. Watching a project being put together and all of the expertise involved is amazing. Learning about how these projects are made continues to be a great experience.

Dennis Ladanyi – Project Manager

Year you began at Nysus: 2023

Hometown: Dearborn, Michigan

About Dennis: I have the most wonderful and incredible son, which I spend as much time with as possible.  I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, ATV riding, outdoor cooking, and reading a good book.  I also enjoy home remodeling projects.  There is not too much I don’t like.  I just love living life and making the best of each and every day.

Favorite Sports Team: Detroit Tigers

Favorite Food: Kansas City BBQ

Why are you excited to start working at Nysus Solutions? I am excited because of how welcoming, genuine, and helpful the whole team is.

What do you like most about working within the manufacturing industry? You’re constantly learning and it’s generally non-repetitive.  There’s always a new challenge around the corner.

Randy Pace – Automation Tech

Year you began at Nysus: April 2023

College: Terra State Community College

Hometown: Bowling Green, Ohio

About Randy: I have been married to Julie for 9 years, together for 23. We have 12 wonderful grandchildren, of which we see many various sports events throughout the year. We have two dogs and we enjoy camping.

Favorite Sports Team: I am a lifelong Cleveland Browns fan

Favorite Food: Meat and potatoes

Why do you enjoy working at Nysus Solutions? What I enjoy most about working at Nysus Solutions is the fact that I have known and worked with Kevin, Steve, Bob, Dave, Mike and Tony in the past and have known some since 2003! All of them are great guys with great ideals.

Talk about a positive experience you’ve had with the Nysus Solutions team. One of my most positive experiences here at Nysus Solutions is with my coworkers in the Automation Team. They are very helpful, friendly and positive to work with. There is no negativity in their actions, speech or work ethics. They have  a very good grasp on the Nysus Solutions principals, and this is what a team should be doing to create a successful business.