Robert Kahle – Senior Software Development Engineer

Year you began at Nysus: 2017

College:  The University of Toledo; BS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology

Hometown: Perrysburg, OH

About Robert: From growing up on a farm, showing horses at the county fair, assisting the BGSU Motorsports Teams from the Electric Falcon in the Formula Lightning series to E-85 go-karts, off-roading adventures with friends from power line trails to mud pits on two and four wheels, many projects at home that involve any mix of electronics, software and automation to the most important part of my life, raising a family. My life has centered around keeping the world moving and with the gifts I’ve been entrusted, engineering was a natural profession to follow; “…conscious always that my skill carries with it the obligation to serve humanity by making best use of the Earth’s precious wealth.” My wife and I with our daughter (and future kids) continue to blaze new trails as we grow together, we enjoy taking in the vast beauty of nature while going camping and exploring the outdoors together and with the rest of our family and from time to time I enjoy capturing those moments from behind a camera.

Favorite Sports Team: Whatever teams my kid(s), nieces and nephews are playing on.

Favorite Food:  Anything from a grill, preferably over charcoal or camp fire.

Why are you excited to start working at Nysus Solutions? From when I started here it’s always been a fantastic and unique opportunity. From our team to our customers, there’s always been a unique professional relationship that keeps every day unique and brings a renewed sense of accomplishment with every project, no matter the size