Cody Mitchey – Lead Mechanical Automation Engineer

Year you began at Nysus: 2020 as an automation co-op engineer

College: The University of Toledo / Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Industrial Manufacturing Engineering with a minor of Business Entrepreneurship

Hometown: Lyons, Ohio

About Cody: I currently live in Lyons with my dog and two cats. In my free time, I enjoy 3D printing, woodworking, working in the yard, kayaking, traveling, playing video games, listening to/playing music, and tinkering with anything mechanical or electrical. My younger brother and I have a lot of shared hobbies, so we’re almost always hanging out together when our work and school schedules lineup. I also love learning and trivia, and I strive to be a “jack of all trades”.

Favorite Sports Team: The Ohio State Buckeyes

Favorite Food: Anything pasta or grilled

Why are you excited to start working at Nysus Solutions? I’m excited to work for Nysus Solutions because there’s always an opportunity to learn a new skill. Each project presents its own unique set of challenges and it’s fun to work your way to a solution. There are also plenty of opportunities for cross-discipline training. I can go from mechanical design, to wiring panels and sensors, to fabrication and assembly, to electrical design or PLC programming all in the same day. There aren’t many places where you can get that kind of experience.