Zac Wise – Software Development Engineer

Year you began at Nysus: 2018

Hometown: Toledo, OH.

About Zac: When I am not working at Nysus I enjoy spending time with my wife of three years.   We don’t have any kids (yet), but our two dogs and two cats require plenty of attention on their own.  If I am not spending time with the family, I am probably found exercising or playing board/video games with friends.

Favorite Sports Team: Detroit Lions

Favorite Food:  Anything Mexican

What do you like most about working within the manufacturing industry?  I enjoy working in the manufacturing industry because there is always another problem to solve.  Working with a team to find a solution is a satisfying feeling and brings a sense of accomplishment with each successful project.

Why do you enjoy working at Nysus Solutions? I like working at Nysus Solutions not only because I like my line of work here, but because I thoroughly appreciate the team I am surrounded with.  It is encouraging to be able to work with a group of people who truly seem to enjoy what we do to help people, whether it be each other or the customer. If someone is on the phone helping a customer, it is not uncommon to see someone join in and try to assist in tackling the issue. The sense of teamwork and camaraderie is hard to come by in a workplace and is just one reason I am happy to be part of the Nysus team. 

Tony Noviski – Director of Business Development

Year you began at Nysus: 2019

College: The University of Toledo. 

Hometown: Sylvania, OH.

About Tony: Outside of work (which I do now love), I enjoy spending time with my wife, three great sons and our two dogs.  We enjoy time on or around the water with the rest of our family, along with playing golf whenever we can.  

Favorite Sports Team: There are many as I really love sports, but I love UF Football-Go Gators!

Favorite Food:  Again, there are many… A thick steak always tops the list.

How do you apply the Nysus Solutions Core Values (Be United/Be Passionate/Be Thankful) to your position?

Be United-Our team is the best, together we overcome many challenges and create great solutions together.  We unite with our customers to make sure that we create robust solutions that make them more efficient and accurate through their processes, therefore making them more successful.

Be Passionate-I/We pour everything we have into our products; our entire team is passionate about creating custom solutions that work for each of our customers.  We do not stop until we know it is right.

Be Thankful-I am thankful for the opportunities with our customers and never stop helping them to improve.  I am thankful for my team and will do whatever I can to help them.

What do you think sets Nysus Solutions apart from the competition?  Experience:  we have as much if not more than most of our competition.  Our combined experience allows us to design solutions that work the first time and last a long time.  Knowledge:  manufacturing is in our blood; it is what we do, and we are passionate about doing it correctly. We use our knowledge of multiple systems, launches, and processes to develop the right solution for our customers and work with them through launch and beyond.   Adaptability:  working through designs and systems can be tough at times, but we adapt with the changes and embrace change as another opportunity for success.

John Harkness – Senior Mechanical Designer

Year you began at Nysus: 2019

College: Bowling Green State University, 1985, BS in Technology-mechanical design concentration

Hometown: Bowling Green, OH. 

About John:  I describe myself as a creative person who is mechanically inclined. I love being outdoors doing things like hiking, biking, gardening, kayaking, fishing, hunting, making things.  I have been married 30 years to Teri, my best friend. We have two grown children. 

Favorite Sports Team:  Detroit Red Wings

Favorite Food:  my wife’s spaghetti

Talk about a positive experience you’ve had with the Nysus Solutions team.  Nysus truly operates as a team.  I have never heard anyone say, “That’s not my job.” Everyone is willing to pitch in to get the task at hand done. 

What do you like most about working within the manufacturing industry?  I really enjoy designing mechanical things to solve manufacturing problems. I am a machine geek, I guess. I enjoy planning out a project and designing the equipment to satisfy the application requirements. Then seeing the project become a reality when things are turned on.

Jared Geiner – MES Support Analyst

Year you began at Nysus: 2019

College: Owens Community College  

Hometown: Toledo, OH.    

About Jared:  I am from a family of 4 that always had a dog, cat or both in the house. I am currently living in Perrysburg with my girlfriend and our dog, Maple. In my off time, I am usually either studying my class material or am taking some time to relax and play games with my friends.

Favorite Sports Team:  Ohio State

Favorite Food:  Prime Rib

Why do you enjoy working at Nysus Solutions?   There are many reasons to enjoy working at Nysus Solutions, but the main reason for me is that it has such a large knowledge pool that I can have almost any question pertaining to my field and someone would either know the answer or know how to find it.

Talk about a positive experience you have had with the Nysus Solutions team.   An experience I will never forget with this team was right after my first week at work – I received a call that was for an issue that I had not dealt with and I had no experience on how to help.   I was able to call a Nysus teammate in the wee hours of the night and they helped me through it and even stayed on the call afterwards to make sure that I understood the solution. That experience really solidified the feeling of being a member of our Nysus team. 

Mary Figueredo – Documentation Specialist

Year you began at Nysus: 2019

College: Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale / Bachelors in Multimedia and Graphics Design

Hometown: Born in Havana, Cuba.  Raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

About Mary:  I was born in Cuba and moved to the United States when I was 12.  I have always been a country girl at heart and although I enjoy a minute or two in the city, I could not live anywhere that was not surrounded by nature. I have been blessed with an amazing family, some in Florida and the rest here in Ohio. I am an animal lover, especially horses. Love music, cultures, art, people, and I am obsessed with photography.

Favorite Sports Team:  Cleveland Browns and Florida Panthers (hockey!)

Favorite Food:  Sushi, Mac and cheese (or anything with cheese!)

How do you apply the Nysus Solutions Core Values (Be United/Be Passionate/Be Thankful) to your position?

Be United – I am a team player and truly believe in doing whatever it takes to get something done. It is important to me to be able to jump in and assist however possible.

Be Passionate – I take pride in my work ethic and it is important to do my best with the current role I have in the company by finding effective and new ways to deliver what I do, not only for the client but also for the company.

Be Thankful – Where I am right now it is definitely something that I do not take for granted. I am very thankful to work with a team that cares, and it drives me to do my work well and be part of the projects in any way I can.

Why do you enjoy working at Nysus Solutions?  It is truly a blessing to work for a company that not only cares about the clients but also about their employees. It is the first time that I have worked for a company where it is obvious that management truly cares.

Talk about a favorite project you have worked on at Nysus Solutions.  I have really enjoyed my involvement with any projects we do with IAC Monterrey. It provides me with a chance to assist the company in communicating with our Spanish-speaking clients and continue to build that relationship with clients in another country.