Steve Sass – Co-Owner / Vice President

About Steve: I enjoy spending time with my lovely wife and 3 crazy kids. My hobbies include exercising, coaching and playing basketball and (unfortunately) mowing grass!

What do you think sets Nysus apart from its competition? We have a lot of manufacturing expertise and an all-encompassing suite of solutions to help customers execute their projects/launches. Our ability and willingness to customize our software to fit whatever business/manufacturing processes is sometimes challenging, but in the end make our customers more successful.

Why would you recommend Nysus to a potential customer and/or new employee? We have several innovative solutions to accommodate a wide variety of challenges within the manufacturing industry. They are effective and fun to work with, as they frequently involve emerging technologies. We keep an open mindset and continually evaluate new technologies as they are introduced.

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Phone: 877-830-8624 x 702

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